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  1. Podcast Interview and Collaboration


    I'd love to connect and collaborate with you (somehow!)

    My work outlines practical and creative ideas inspired by love in the quest for wellbeing.

    In Fit for Joy, I wrote about the paradox of two realities that don’t match: physical health and mental chaos. The idea was to start a conversation about the “true” meaning of health.

    As a podcast host, I am in search of meaningful truths, ideas, and insights about mental and spiritual health that can awaken new ways of thinking, leading us toward a new way of being — Being Well."

    Would you be interested in any or a combination of:

    - A podcast interview: A Quest for Well-Being
    - Guest blogging
    - Book review

    Or you might have other ideas!

    Looking forward to collaborating with you!

    Much Love,


    I am a fitness coach, writer and the author of the Fit for Joy book. Daily routine: meditate, eat healthily, exercise, and show gratitude!