January 1, 2017

2017 & An Announcement

As others share their 2016 recaps, I'm antsy to look towards the possibilities of this tabula rasa of a new year. But I don't want to entirely ignore all of the many wonderful things that did occur during the Year Who Must Not Be Named, so I'll take a few moments to reflect on a few of those:

  • Left my life-sucking job for a far more fulfilling one (that also happened to pay better!)
  • Went on many trips: from NYC to Asheville & the Smokies to Kansas City to Colorado to New Orleans & Orlando, as I sat envious next to a co-worker who went on multiple international trips, I have to admit it's been a decent year of travel for this little social worker, too. 
  • Went on many hikes! Can't wait to revisit them and find new ones to add to the list this year as well as utilize my camping gear and kayak more often. 
  • Made new friends and rekindled old relationships as well - 2016 may have been a downer, but I had the most thoughtful friends a gal could ask for to help me through it. 
  • Spent invaluable, substantial family time; though still not as much as I would have liked, I visited with my grandmother multiple times and have strengthened a weakened relationship with my eldest brother - not to mention my other brother visiting me here in Fayetteville or how I spent winter break almost solely with my mother (both a test ;) as well as a cherished reward). 
  • Was told my Crohn's was not currently in a state of inflammation (no moon face in my immediate future!) after the hiccup this time last year. 
  • Brewed my first beer on my own without another brewer physically present (well, sort of, I did get a little help after the initial brew day, which was much appreciated). Also tried many other new kitchen endeavors, and rekindled my love with fermentations and from-scratch cooking. 
  • Attended local events like Last Night Fayetteville, Frost/Foam Fest, the Little Craft Show, Wampus Wonderland, themed parties at my favorite brewery, etc., which others had previously held me back from - no more depending on other people to go with me to events - I'm buying tickets regardless!
  • Continued to have the best dog a human can be #blessed with (someone's got a birthday coming up...).
  • Started living on my own, sans roommates, which has been so relieving (though I miss the bucks). 
  • Tried new things, like bouldering gyms (which was ultimately embarrassing after an early hard fall but also cool).
  • Attended a Bernie Sanders rally, transitioning from someone who once thought politics were boring and irrelevant to stepping on the path of becoming an informed and participating citizen.