October 11, 2016

Wrap-Up for the Week

So I literally have 10+ post drafts right now ready to finish & publish (some may make the cut, some may not), but I just wanted to assure everyone I'm still here and fine. It's been a week or so since my last post, but things have been hectic...

I had literally never gone to a college football game.

1. My brother visited and it was a (mildly awkward) success! The Razorbacks lost the big Alabama game (as predicted) but I called the Hogs for the first time and stayed out at Willie D's Piano Bar until two(ish?) in the morning... I can't remember the last time I partied on Dickson, much less stayed up that late or went into that bar. My brother may have 10 years on me but you wouldn't know it. 

2. Because of #1, I had to spend Sunday laying around on the couch eating Cuban pork nachos and watching Doctor Who (I know, "had to," right?). After I felt like eating, that is. 

3. Kafka invaded my refrigerator twice. I'm not sure if between the three grown men in the house the door just wasn't getting shut or if my dog figured out how fridges work but I really, really hope it isn't the latter... 
Then he looks at me like that.

4. During Jimmy's stay he killed Big Bertha, which is a spider the size of his fist I lost sight of when I was mopping the guest room prior to his arrival. I didn't have any spray so we chunked a big cup of Dawn-water onto her and he banged her around with my long-handled Dish-scrubber. It was amusing to think he was only a little bit braver than I was as he stretched his arm as far as it would reach to get her.

5. I gave two different friends car rides in hope the karma would wear off during this week while my car is in the shop (and so far it's working!). I tried to plan everything in advance so I wouldn't need a car (harder in Arkansas than in the big city) but Kafka foiled my plans by eating my pre-cooked meals in the refrigerator...

6. I get to plan a Halloween party! I had a friend wanting to throw a dinner party with me but I didn't know if it was going to actually happen or not, so when a few other friends mentioned wanting to throw a party, I was all in. I've never had more than a few people over at a time for a meal or a board game night so I'm looking forward to a (hopefully) legitimate lil party this go around. I also figured out a costume (that's not going as a Stranger Things character, like I would love but will be overdone this year). Maybe you'll see a post on how to throw a dirt cheap social worker's salary Hallows Eve party. Dollar store, here I come.

7. One of my friends quietly announced a pregnancy (can't say who yet)! (So I also get to think about baby showers, too ;).) I've felt a little bit bad for my Texarkana friends that have already hit big milestones because it's hard to play a part of that stuff when you live 5 hours away, so I'm really excited to be a part of something more local this time around. It also helps being a little older - what should've been a big deal a couple of years ago are now several missed opportunities I take more seriously going forward.

8. I watched the "presidential" debate. 

Things that still need to happen in the crisply approaching future...
1. I need to spend more time with my friends (in real life). Preferably with food involved. 
2. I need to get on that pumpkin bandwagon.
3. I need to treat myself to a salted caramel mocha while these other basics sippin' their PSLs. 
4. I need to build a fire pit for real this year. Even if it's just a campfire ring.
5. I need to hike the Ozarks as the leaves change color. 
6. I need to bake a pie and simmer a soup and/or stew. 
7. I need to break out the electric blanket and seasonal scarves. 
8. I have wanted to make a pumpkin roll since my freshman year of home ec class and it's going to happen. I have a cream cheese problem. 

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