October 3, 2016

Look at these babies...

So Pete's had some pictures on his camera for ages that haven't been able to be transferred to a computer until now, and I found a few random ones that were pretty adorable. I'm not sure when the few blurry selfies were taken but my guess is around the successful completion of year one, I should think. We look so young! I've been feeling like I haven't looked any older for a long time but I can definitely see the difference (other than the weight fluctuation, ha!) even though it must've just been around three years ago. The ones I took of Peter at the corn maze are something else... and in honor of October! A fitting time to have found them.


When we stumbled onto the corn maze pictures Pete reminded me I had come ill-prepared and had to borrow a sweater or jacket or something. It had been ridiculously muddy, and was a bit harder to complete in the dark. Sadly that's about all I remember aside from being really happy I was able to drag him to a cutesy/corny fall couple's activity, and that there hadn't been an ear of corn in sight. I have a notoriously bad memory, which is all the more reason for me to continue documenting things as they happen!I am so appreciative of this guy. We worked our butts off Sunday by doing a ton of yard work; my lawn mower was stolen [or sold off by a sketchy roommate] earlier this summer and has been very neglected since, being mowed as often as I can borrow one until I'm forced to buy one next year. My brother (who's hopefully visiting this weekend!) gave me some hand-me-down lawn equipment a few months back that needed some TLC so I was also able to do some serious hedge trimming as Pete weed-eated my entire yard so it would be easier to mow next week. I also started taping so I can paint the awful flat brown of my rafters whenever I choose a better color (I was going for terracotta and ended up with a salmon-y orange and now I'm rethinking burnt orange all-together). There are a lot of changes (hopefully) coming soon to the Sunshine House (my nickname for my yellow 1950s farmhouse). We celebrated our hard work by catching the second half of his favorite football team's game at Foghorns (I love their Habanero Rain wings but they have 50 other sauces to choose from). When I said something about him offering to help me out of the goodness of his heart he told me it was more because he knew it wouldn't get done if he didn't help me.He's not wrong. 

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  1. Pete makes some really good facial expression! They crack me up. It's so fun to find photos you've completely forgotten about....

    Happy Friday!
    Carly at A Modern Mom Blog