August 1, 2016

No One

No one coming in behind you and crunching up your laundry out of the dryer before you’ve had a chance to come fold it neatly, always being rushed no matter what day you try to do it on, it’s almost like – hey! She’s doing laundry! What a great idea, I should do some laundry too!

No one eating your food or using your laundry detergent or toothpaste.

No one using any of the things they don't contribute to.

No one creating an ant problem that you never have when living alone. 

No one changing the temperatures to extreme degrees and running up utility bills. 

No one’s fault but your own if the house is dirty since you don’t have to wait around and see if they’ll take their turn contributing to chores.

No one to catch you pooping with the door open and walking around in your underwear.

No one limiting your SPACE.

No one making you late for work because they hopped in the bathroom as soon as they heard you drag yourself out of bed so you don’t make them late for work.

No one to worry about annoying with show/music noise levels or judging what you watch or how long your binge is!

No one to stop you from having parties and guests and game-nights whenever you want!

No one using the spare bedroom so you can make that airbnb money or host a couchsurfer!

No one to be “bothered” by your AMAZING dog.

No one to make passive aggressive or manipulative comments.

No one to pay your rent late that you were depending on, or backdating the check to pretend they gave it to you on time.

No one to run A/C or heat with the windows open.

No one undoing what you did right behind you.

No one loading the dishwasher backwards after you've already started the pattern.

No one leaving cap-able bottles uncapped.

No one breaking things, especially and not telling you afterwards. 

No one doing things you specifically asked them not to do.

No one by the wall next door when you want alone time with your significant other. 

No one to put toilet bowl cleaner outside of the bowl.

No one leaving shaving hairs or makeup/goo in the sink.

No one leaving the shower curtain scrunched up where it can get moldy if it dries that way.

No one stinking up the house, especially when you're out of town.

No one's weird little habits to adjust to.

No one waiting til/past the last minute to do things.

No one taking advantage of you being a young homeowning roommate instead of a legitimate landlord that actually means every word in the lease/Craigslist agreement. 

Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of benefits of having roommates - financial wiggle room, someone to let the dog out when you work a 12 hour day, etc. - but I'm gonna love no one. 

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