August 5, 2016

Happy Birthday, Dad!

My step-daddy Jimbo's 62nd birthday is today - I wasn't kidding about most of my family's birthdays falling into the same span of a month! I already talked a lot about Jim back in June for Father's day and I'll try not to repeat myself too verbatim.

He's the absolute best at calling and singing happy birthday to everyone on their birthday - he gets real soulful and oldies with it. I wish I could do the same for him (especially mimicking when he gets background singers in the form of his shop buddies, mom & Spencer, or whoever he's with at the time), but unfortunately I'm just not that gifted. I suppose it's his thing after all.

He's satisfied with very little; he mostly just wants other people to be happy. So long as he gets his second-helping, listens to the news, and bets on a few horses, he's content. A healthy, strong garden is a nice surprise, so he can lay off the envy of the neighbor's garden here and there. A strong cup of coffee and ever flowing glass of tea is a necessity. A little "sadooky" (sudoku) time is always enjoyed. I'm glad he's slowly backing off of work - he's earned this break (though not ready to call it completely quits yet).

We're so lucky to have had him in our lives, and he's had a pretty good long life so far with only a handful of near-death experiences. If he's a great dad then he's an even better paw-paw and I can't wait til he's one of mine's paw-paw one day too.

I hope you have a great day and I wish I could be there with you! I love you!

- - -

On a more somber note, today would have also been my beloved friend who just passed's 26th birthday. But I'm going to remember him this way:
Happy birthday, brother.

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