August 29, 2016

Beaver Lake, Arkansas

Happy Monday! This morning I'm waking up a little sore from the sunburn I earned over the weekend...despite wearing sunscreen, I guess my pale skin is just too fragile for this August sun!

Friday and Sunday were mostly lazy days (though my friend did make an excellent beef tenderloin for me Friday night - he doesn't cook specifically "for me" very often, but when he does, I always say he should do so more frequently, mm-mm!). But Saturday morning we wrapped some breakfast burritos in aluminum foil after having our morning coffee and drove out to a new section of Beaver Lake for some bass fishing. We try not to go to the same spot twice (I guess we'd do differently if we found a really lucky spot).

Beaver Lake is a huge (to me) 31,700 acre reservoir lake, and serves as the drinking water for most of Northwest Arkansas. It's created by a dam on the White River, which starts up here in the Boston Mountains and flows up to Missouri before coming back down for a total of over 700 miles. It's actually rumored to be a great trout spot but we've yet to verify this.

Anyways, this was actually the best luck we've had so far - and I like to think it's because I told him we should use live bait as opposed to his fancy lures (because that's how I fished as a kid). Having said that, I didn't catch anything - but I did get lots of bites & lost wormies, which hadn't happened until now. He caught several fish, one of them being decent enough to keep - and we only spent a few hours total because we wanted to get back in time to get the fish on some ice because he wasn't prepared to catch anything.

Point being, my camera is back in seemingly working order! So I snapped my first few shots since my family's last visit. And I thought I'd share them with you... this isn't even the prettiest section of the lake we've been to, if that says anything about it. I don't know if it was the yellow of my kayak or what but the dragonflies and damselflies were all over me.

Even with my skin feeling the hot, tingling burn of the sun, the droplets flying off my paddle as I raced around (and sometimes moseyed) the lake were refreshing enough to keep going. I may or may not have brought a book along to supplement breaks, however. It may or may not have been a certain two part play based on a certain magical boy, world, and family. I may or may not have borrowed it.
I'm currently off at a rewarding conference to refresh myself and remind us why we do what we do! Hope your week starts off on the right note!

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