July 21, 2016

On Gratitude

I'm really grateful that I had already written a few (positive) scheduled blog posts in advance before the recent events, or it would have been far more difficult to create such posts in the present time. I have a habit of often feeling like "nothing else" could possibly go wrong in the world without stopping to smell the roses. With that said, I have a lot to be grateful for lately, so I'd like to share those things with you now.

  • I'd never heard of an overage escrow check before, but I received one today, and with a little extra sitting in my checking account than usual, I can say - for a moment - I am in $0 credit card debt. 
  • Yesterday my co-workers took me out to a planned-belated birthday lunch, stating their tradition is that at least once a year, you shouldn't have to buy your own lunch. There was homemade ice cream cake, too. 
  • I'm so glad Kafka and Lucky have each other's company to preoccupy them in this time - I even had a little time to kill on the clock the other day after a cancelled appointment and bought them matching beef knuckles so they wouldn't have to fight over one. I'm also really thankful that there has yet to be a barking war between Lucky and the sweet pit-bull next door - which is usually what happens when he visits. 
  • I'm really grateful that while taking on caring for Lucky for the time being, I still have access to my friend's parents to allow me to go visit him out of town - like this approaching weekend, when he desperately needs the cheering up. I'm also happy with how the dogs are handling my 13 hour days and not tearing up the house or having accidents. 
  • I had to cancel brunch plans Sunday that had been in place for some time, and those little sneaksters went and tucked a card on my kitchen table with a post-it instructing me to check my fridge which was stuffed with homemade blueberry muffins and a Fossil Cove six-pack. 
  • Not only did a dear friend offer to drive the carpool down to Trent's funeral, she provided the sweetest birthday dinner for me Monday night (even though I hadn't done much of anything at all for hers a week before!). She created a garden produce mandala as a centerpiece for the Shinerbock, endangered species chocolate (my favorite!), and the sweetest birthday/grievance card I may have ever received - while still sharing her first homecooked meal with me in her new home. I'm fortunate to be surrounded by powerful, independent women who foot their own mortgages like me! 
  • Did I mention that same friend left me flowers? And my boyfriend sent me flowers to cheer me up on my birthday - I had never received flowers at work before!
  • I've had lots of good talks with several friends - full of nostalgia and happy memories. I'm really thankful for those because my memory is crap. 
  • A friend's mom gifted me a bagful of summer veggies from their garden and I accidentally ate a huge cucumber in one sitting at 9:30 the other day. 
  • My mom found Trent and mine's buttsketch, which I had given her to frame years ago and had disappeared for quite some time - I was afraid it was gone for good. 
  • It's almost time for my roommate/tenant to move out which means security deposit check will need to be mailed shortly after - and my other friend who owes me some money just happened to get her commission check and can pay me the exact amount I owe the current roommate!
  • Someone picked out a beautiful, thoughtful necklace for my birthday - which means they listen when I talk/complain about not having any nice, meaningful jewelry to explain why I never wear any. 
  • I am one of the rare daughters of the 90s that didn't grow up watching the Gilmore Girls (gasp) which has enabled me to binge my feelings in feel good TV when I'm tired of crying but don't have the energy to go out/see friends either. I've also found a myriad of new mom blogs/instagrams to follow (my guilty pleasure). 
  • I haven't had any (knock on wood) big costly unexpected repairs on my house in a long time. 
  • Even though I'm in charge of the long drives at work this week, that also means I'll be rackin' up on my next mileage check. 
  • I was going to put my mom's birthday gift money towards my expensive hair color correction but instead treated myself to a sewing machine so I can (hopefully) learn a new trade. 
  • I have more cake than I can eat. Still. And my roommate replaced the Simply Lemonade he drank, as opposed to just drinking the last half of the bottle and not replacing it. 
  • So many new flowers have been popping up around my yard that I don't remember seeing last spring/summer. They feel like little nature gifts from Trent. 

I'm really beginning to understand that cliche phrase: "whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger." No matter what happens in life, no matter how much it brings me down... there are always roses to stop and smell. But you must look for them in order to see them. 

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