July 29, 2016

Luxury: Treasures of the Roman Empire

With his internship, my friend received a free membership to Nelson-Atkins...and members get to bring themselves and a guest to travelling exhibits for free. It was great that we had an excuse to use his membership (which was received after our initial visit) before the end of the summer.

Sadly enough for him, he had mistakenly heard it was Egyptian-related only to find out it was focusing on luxurious items from the Roman Empire. We were still excited, though!

I'm going to share the Museum's description of the exhibit as it was put far more eloquently than I ever could say it: In Ancient Rome, members of the privileged elite communicated their wealth and status by adorning themselves and their homes with a variety of luxury goods.
Ranging from elaborate gold jewelry to bronze statuettes and finely-wrought silver drinking vessels, Luxury: Treasures of the Roman Empire showcases some of the extraordinary artistic achievements of Roman craftsmen and offers valuable insight into the complex social relations of the Empire.
I had no idea they had this kind of jewelry during this time period - this looked Victorian!
An enormous gold bracelet from the Byzantine period adorned with gems & pearls.
The details really are impeccable when you think of the crude tools they must've used.
Once again I must applaud a museum's use of interactive activities.
We just about died over some of the results with this.
Especially over the face I'm making because I had to be lifted up (we afterwards noticed the shorter screens...)

I said these swan spoons would be great on a wedding gift registry.
He didn't particularly appreciate when I told him this would be him one day.
This is a table leg with a Karen for scale (5'4" with shoes on).
Again, I loved how interactive they made everything & relatable to modern times.
Will have to try these recipes one day (hopefully sooner rather than later)!

I enjoyed the final touch asking patrons to write about luxury as it stands today! Reading the variety of answers was really entertaining.

Also, since it didn't fit into any of the other posts but this one took place at an art museum, we went to another improv show at Kick Comedy, unknowingly entering the Fringe Fest. It was far better than our first Kick experience, even though it was many of the same people - they put on an improv musical... it was amazing how in sync they were with one another.

I'm a big supporter of the arts and I'm always down to see a good show, and they have a number of them. If you live in or are visiting the area, check out the last couple of nights this weekend! It goes through Sunday!

That's also a wrap on my last visit to Kansas City for the foreseeable future - hope you've enjoyed following us experience the city for the first few times.

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