July 27, 2016

Kansas City Bier Company Brewery Tour

After watching Star Trek Beyond Friday night (!), we went for a (large) drink (or in his case, 2) at KC Bier Co. as we have in the past. We happened to read about their weekly tour and planned to be there the next day. 
I'm so glad I read about this place the first weekend I visited, when I helped him get settled into his apartment. I'm sure he would've heard about it without my help but it's a spot we both love - if we ever lived here I wouldn't be surprised if the staff would know us by name. I should also throw in that I didn't get a picture of it but my friend ordered a delicious brat on a bun this time while we waited (which I had a bit of and can confirm its deliciousness).

I was actually just trying to figure out what was wrong with my camera here but I thought I'd include this shot.

As a malt-lover, I really loved the comparison of malt to the soul of beer. 
Their labels on everything was a great touch I don't normally see on tours.
That guy to the right of the steps is named Bilbo.
One of my favorite things about this tour was that it was such a good price. For $10 not only did you get to learn lots of behind the scenes information (one of the most informative brewery tours I've been on), you were able to taste 3 different beers in good sized tasting glasses (maybe 4" high or so?) and you served yourself (which meant full glass)! Then at the end you get to exchange the tasting glass for a nice, new wrapped full-sized glass with the company logo.
Look at all those grains!
Their brand new bottling set up.
The company was founded by Steve Holle, who is something of a Teutophile. He wanted to brew the traditional German way, because this isn't something many Americans get to experience, and he thought his hometown would be the perfect place to do it. They've really brought the actual German culture to Kansas City, all the way down to the atmosphere of the biergarten and by literally bringing all of the ingredients (even for their food) directly from Germany. Keep doing what you're doing guys - we're really loving this place!

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