July 9, 2016

Happy Birthday to My Mom!

All I can remember is this perm when I was little.

I feel like summertime is jam packed full of days celebrating my family - with Mother's Day & my parents' anniversary falling in May, Father's Day in June, and my mom, brother, & my own birthday falling in July, and then my step-dad and my boyfriend's birthday falling in August (which is also the month we met!)... don't even get me started on friends. Although I will say most of my friends were actually born during the chillier months (along with my nephews). And with all of my friends getting married and procreating...what month doesn't have a wallet-emptying celebration?

I don't mind it though ;) I love gift-giving. Searching (and getting frustrated as the dates approach) and finally finding someone the perfect gift that suits them, or making something really thoughtful, just makes me feel good. I love celebrating the people in my life!

A 3 generation photo from my maternal side!
With that said, today my mom reaches the big 6-0! My mom had me when she was 35 and her mother had her at 35 (with us both being the babies), so it's always an extra fun birthday every five years (like the 95th my grandma just had or the 25th I'm about to have). I think she'd dread this birthday more, but she's lovely enough to always look younger than her age. It's kind of weird to think she's reached 60 when she's still so young at heart, and raising grandkids at that!

Happy birthday, mom! Here's to many more!

My beautiful mom in the 70s. She would've never let me wear that shirt when I was that age.

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