July 28, 2016

Chipotle Cultivate Festival & Pizzeria Locale

On our original Saturday trip to the WWI museum we were very annoyed at the lack of parking - the town had taken over this normally-free parking lot to charge $10 during the Cultivate festival - a free party (except the concessions you buy) thrown by Chipotle about ideas, music, and food. I'd never heard of it but I wanted to check it out seeing as it was, you know, free.

It was so hot - I could feel my skin sizzling in the sun, but I was surprised to see the number of people out and about. The little snaps I took don't do it justice - I was more bewildered at what was going on and trying to find a water fountain to focus on the photography here.

They had a ton of bands playing at the main stage I didn't get a picture of - The Mowgli's were playing when we arrived but they also had Hembree, DJ Christopher Golub, The Knocks, JR JR, Broods, & Atlas Genius. I also used the cleanest port-a-potty I've ever been inside of.

They had five or so "learning" booths (in addition to several others besides the food itself), and as long as you retrieved at least three stamps from each learning booth, you were given a coupon for a free burrito (though you couldn't use it at the festival) as well as one for a free personal pizza from Pizzeria Locale, which we'll get to.
They gave us a few different mini samples.
The learning booth with the longest wait was how they make their guacamole... sadly, at the end, all you received with your stamp was a single chip with a bit of dip on it.
Izze brought the swag in its cool down station. 
Though we all know Chipotle isn't perfect, I am proud of their more-sustainable methods than other fast food places and the Fresh vs Processed and Factory vs Farm exhibits were a great way of informing the public in a fun, classy way. (Was secretly wishing I was in Arkansas at the Homegrown Festival, however.)
Now onto the pizza - we also got free coupons for classic pizzas from a restaurant that partners with Chipotle that I hadn't previously heard of (so the marketing worked, guys) - we used them at our Sunday lunch, which ended up being the only time we ate out during the weekend, aside from my friend's Bier braut. (Sad face. I love eating out when I travel... especially since this will be my final trip to KC for a very long time. No last BBQ :'( .)

I was fairly impressed with Pizzeria Locale. Their goal is to make a simple, straightforward Italian pizza - and the prices were very fair, even if we had had to pay. I snuck a couple of poor shots because, you know me, I get anxious about people watching me/judging me taking photos...

Their oven is set around 900 degrees... it only takes two minutes for the pizzas to cook.
My friend had the Diavolo (pepperoni, basil, smoked mozzarella, crushed red pepper), which was my original choice, but I wanted to get something different so we could trade slices, so I ordered the Crudo (sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto, and perhaps a little heavy on the ah-ROO-gluh).

I would certainly go back if there was one in Fayetteville - cheers!

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