June 2, 2016

Shareholder's Concert & Murder for Two

So, one of the most random things happened to me Tuesday when I was gifted two free tickets to a local Goo Goo Dolls concert. One of my coworker's relatives works for Walmart and they're having their annual shareholder's meeting this week (and thus lots of events) and they couldn't go. This kind of thing never really happens to me... kind of like winning a raffle, so I was like... "sure, I'll take 'em!"

While they formed before I was born, I was a kid learning to appreciate music when their big release of Iris blew up. Plus does anyone remember this ridiculous music video?

But first up was American Authors - who I wasn't sure who they even were until they played their last song, Best Day of My Life. Give me a break, I don't listen to the radio much. I actually am tempted to say they put on a better show... they were really excellent live and the vocals were flawless.

I find Blogger's photo alignment abilities highly limited and I apologize as it sets off the little obsessive-compulsiveness I have within me. 

They left those middle screens up the whole time in case you forgot who they were.

I was glad Peter decided to go ahead and come all the way back from New Orleans Tuesday night instead of having on more overnighter in Conway on the way up!

Photo by Wesley Hitt / Courtesy TheatreSquared
Thursday night we went on our absolute last chance to see TheatreSquared's production of Murder for Two together. It was hysterical. I'm sure this play has been equally funny in other cities that have also produced it but I tell you, our actors were something special. I highly recommend this to anyone - best show I've seen in Fayetteville to date, and I'm super content with their $10 tickets for those who are under 30 (not just students!). The play is so good it's been extended through Sunday.

I also realized later that I lost my driver's license during the performance and it was found - I swear that doesn't happen anymore. If you lose anything important at restaurants or movie theaters, sayonara. Thankful for those who pay close attention before sweeping up "trash" without looking!

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