June 29, 2016


Yesterday I received the horrific news regarding Ataturk international airport. At least 41 people were killed in addition to another 239 injured by three attackers who opened fire, ending in suicide bombings. 

I haven't yet seen the normal outrage as with Orlando, or Paris, or places we have closer ties with. We are getting better - I'm seeing more recognition of these murders than in the past. And I even have some sympathy as to why Americans are more outraged by events like Paris, I know they're a dear friend to our country... but the Parisians are no better than the Turkish, or the Ivorians, or anyone else who has been brutally and unfairly murdered. It is all equally horrific. If anything, it's more horrific because we do not stand in solidarity with those who have a different religion, skin color, or if they're from a developing country.

We should be outraged.

These were people trying to come and go to see their families, to work their jobs, to live their lives, just like any other airport in the world. This could have been anyone. This could have been a girl I went to school with, or any of her family members who travel to and from Istanbul all the time to see relatives that live there. But it doesn't even matter who it could have been - it matters who they were.

Just people. Just like us.

And they're dead.

Let's help them however we can.

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