June 2, 2016

Focusing on the Positive

I'm not having a great morning - and after writing a letter to someone I'm upset with (i.e. getting some negative vibes out) - I am prepared to work on my "moving on" exercises. I'm someone who badly needs closure, probably closely intertwined with anxiety, and some times it's very difficult to Let it Go as many of the children I've worked with might sing. Especially when I haven't reached a point of full closure.

The question is: how do we make lemons out of lemonade? We add some sugar, we add some sweetness. We re-frame our thought patterns.

One of the most powerful things one can do for negative energy is to focus on gratitude.

So that is what I would like to do! Without further ado, a list of things I'm currently grateful for (and to make up for some days I haven't used my Gratitude texting service):
  • finding someone to watch our dogs (just when I was giving up hope) and enabling me to help my friend move into Kansas City
  • venison burgers & NOLA cigars - we went to a friend's mom's where she made burgers from game her husband hunted and patted them up with salsa, yum!
  • an easy day at work giving me time to process feelings
  • a job description that I can be proud of again
  • Kafka not being sick after an overdose of Indy's medications
  • this one minute Punjab Potatoes pouch that was so much better than the Campbell's soup that was in dire need of salt
  • beautiful blogs that focus on the positive
  • owning a Prius so frequent weekend trips don't break the bank
  • sunny days/warm weather
  • an artsy community that puts on great shows (going to see a play tonight!)
  • that I don't have to work tomorrow
  • kind, genuine friends that always see the best in others
  • co-workers that hand over free concert tickets just 'cause
  • hanging with a couple of friends a week ago... and watching an animated movie full of social commentary during this time (sometimes it's fun to be a kid)...which I think may have technically been our first double date...
  • Last Saturday Fayetteville, giving a place for creators to meet & greet
  • new pants - black & white & no stains yet (knock on wood)
  • my grandma making it to her 95th birthday next weekend - what a record!
Another great way to avoid brooding: planning fun things! I need to make sure another hang-out night is in the works for my aforementioned friends & maybe start thinking of how to make my friend's birthday killer when he returns from KC and all the visits in between! See ya!

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