May 30, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up & One Sick Doggy

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend (and was able to recognize the difference between Memorial & Veteran's Day, which I saw a mess of). While I don't know anyone who died in combat, there are many a veteran in my family--Iraqi, Vietnam, World Wars at least. I do feel that one of the best ways to honor the fallen is to tackle mental health care more aggressively - especially for their families and their brothers-in-arms that were present. But that's another post, another day.

I spent a riveting weekend dogsitting, eating out a couple of times, and attending Last Saturday at the Syc House in Fayetteville. While I wanted to try the Ramen shop on Dickson, to my displeasure, they've already closed - but they were a sister restaurant of Meji, where they said you can now enjoy their Ramen. I used to grab bento boxes of sushi from Meji when I worked for the Department of Human Services, but I'd never had anything else... or even sat in their restaurant. While I haven't had a lot of "real" Ramen, this Pork Nama Ramen was right up there with the stuff I had in New York and was far better than the stuff I'd tried in Fayetteville so far.

I'd read that you should eat Ramen very quickly so the noodles don't expand, and that there's really no reason for it to take much more than 5 minutes to eat a bowl. I don't know about that - I did my best, slurping and messin' away, but that definitely did not go down in 5 minutes.

After lunch, we grabbed some drinks on the La Huerta patio while Alissa brainstormed ideas for the Word War at Last Saturday. It had been a really long time since she'd performed anything she had written (and a bit since she'd written slam poetry at that). I'm more of a flash fiction person, and though I enjoy listening to slam, I've never written anything... so I was mostly there for moral support and the drink specials.

Side note, I was supposed to go camping for Memorial Day weekend but the bad weather during the week made me think I should check the weekend weather and it was supposed to be HORRIBLE so we cancelled - and then it was nice enough for patio days. Imagine that.

While I had attended Last Saturday (though not recently), I'd never been to the Syc House even though I'd been following them since I first moved to Fayetteville. Something about going to a house show for the first time just made me anxious. I was really glad to have an event I'm familiar with make a one time appearance here so I finally felt encouraged enough to go! It was really great, a cozy atmosphere, and I'll definitely be back to more events in the future. The memory card in my camera messed up after the first couple of photos so I didn't get any pictures or videos of the bands or writers but rest assured it was excellent and thought-provoking. I hadn't been to much supporting the arts in a while and I realized I'd been missing out for quite some time. Of course, after Alissa was so wanting to back out of reading her poem as she always does, she got the first score of 10 (highest) of the night during round one. It was an honest piece about her OCD not feeling validated because it was not ala Lena Dunham (Season 2, Episode 7 of Girls) or like the poem already so well-known by Neil Hilborn. The good news is they put all of their shows up on Youtube and while Last Saturday's show isn't up yet as I write this post, you can find them all here. They're moving venues to Ryleigh's on Dickson, for those interested.

Aside from this, the only other eventful things to occur this weekend were: 1. I finally went full-on grocery shopping which I seriously hadn't done since before I went on my trip to Asheville (I think that's a record). 2. During the ten minutes it took me to go drop off the dogs I was sitting to their own home so I could mop my floors... Kafka managed to get:

  • behind a locked door (keep in mind I have an old house and the locks aren't maybe the best)
  • into a sealed food container belonging to the other dogs
  • into a zip lock baggy of sausage treats
  • which just so happened to have several days worth of Furosemide (for cardiac/pulmonary disease) and Enalapril (for congestive heart failure) embedded into them
Now, Kafka has eaten a lot of things and proven he has a stomach of steel. For instance, he once ate a fresh pound of fudge from Eureka Springs that had only had a single bite taken out of it. Another time he ate a bag of uncooked rice, which he (tmi) pooed logs of over the next couple of days. I once bought a bag of "calming" treats to help with his shenanigans when he was younger and he ate the whole bag while I was at work and you couldn't tell. He's also eaten various wood and plastic from toys and furniture, among many other things. Of course, this happened on Memorial Day when all of the vets would be closed, though calling our vet was worth the try. Luckily, the friend I went on the Asheville trip with knows a vet and texted him - he said I needed to make him throw up and that it would be a little hard on his kidneys afterwards but that he would be fine. 

Feel free to skim/skip the rest if you're easily queasy but the following may be super helpful if you ever get into a similar situation. 

Now, I'd never needed to make a dog throw up before. (And usually when Kafka has eaten something bad for him he'll do so on his own.) I originally just started with sticking my fingers down his throat but he just kept trying to chew on them and it wasn't really giving me any results... perhaps this is best saved for small dogs with little throats. I thought I'd read about Hydrogen Peroxide before but I wasn't sure if I had any around - it wasn't in my usual spot - so I did some googling and read something about table salt. So I tried shoving handfuls of this between his teeth and holding his snout shut but it wasn't really working. Then I miraculously found the peroxide, which was in a different place than I normally keep it. Getting him to take it was the trick. I tried tricking him into licking up a bowl of cheese with it in it, but it only worked a little and not enough to trick him into drinking enough of it to do anything, so like the salt, I attempted pouring it straight in.... which did very little. I finally realized I had a bulb syringe from an ear wax cleaning kit I'd used once (to no avail) and that finally did the trick, though it took a bit. Just when I was starting to get worried I'd only poisoned my dog more because I couldn't get him to throw it all up, just after I let him back inside (and upstairs, with the hardest floor to clean up messes because it's real hardwood with small cracks)... he blew. And I know it was foamy and inflated from the peroxide but there seemed to be an extreme amount. 

Here he is, debating whether or not he still loves me. 

He snuggled and sulked for a little while but soon enough he was back to playing fetch. He likes to cuddle up in chairs... passenger seats, wingbacks, armed dining chairs, and even those butterfly sling chairs. I love him.<3 p="">

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