May 16, 2016

Surprise Visit Home

Since my mother was out of town for Mother's Day weekend, and I had a very short workday Friday (thanks to those long Monday/Tuesday hours), I thought it was the perfect weekend to surprise my mom with a visit home. This is also to help me stick to my New Years Resolution of visiting home more often (as in more frequently than a couple of holidays).

I had plenty of time to spare to get home before everyone finished school for the day, which is rare because I'm usually rushing in just trying to arrive before bedtime after work. I finally had a chance to stop at a drive-in called the Lighthouse on 71 in Wickes, which had always caught my attention on the drive down and back. It was a little pricey, but nothing beats a burger from the middle of nowhere in the south - it was delicious. It was also really big and I couldn't finish it, so I tried to give the leftovers to Kafka when we arrived at my parents' house - but he was so excited to see them, not knowing they weren't yet home, that he was just standing on his hind legs staring through the door, caring less about this scrumptious burger. That's saying something.  


I would say my visits home are more often surprises than not. Once I was on the phone with my mom for about 45 minutes before I walked into her bedroom where
she was still talking to me on the phone. But the last time I came home it was the weekend my oldest nephew was away at his mom's, so I knew I would get to spend plenty of time with him this weekend (and he miraculously didn't spend it all on the computer, which is his new favorite pastime). 

Bringle Lake has seen incredible development over the last decade!
Having said that, I watched a movie every single day which is a little ironic considering I worked at that Cinemark for almost 5 years. My mom wanted some quality mother-daughter time so we went to see Mother's Day Friday night; Saturday, she had to work at the flea market for a few hours so I took my oldest nephew to see Captain America: Civil War since no one else was going to take him; Sunday we took all three to see the Jungle Book and I was so proud of how well the youngest did - he doesn't have a history of successful movie-going experiences so he usually doesn't get to go. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't the best for a ton of outside play for the majority of the weekend, but we did enjoy some indoor play when we were all together on Sunday.

Dipped cones after a success at the Jungle Book!
I'm very much a family-oriented person and it's very hard to live so far away from my family - it was a lot easier to visit during college when it was only a 2.5 hour drive. As much as I love them, though, moving to a place I loved has helped me grow so much in these important "20-something" years. Texarkana made me feel stuck in a place I didn't really belong. Thank goodness for technology, though! Facetime enables us to feel like we're there, and my Prius gets amazing gas mileage making the actual trips less expensive. But I know my boys are only at each age and stage for so long... (although it is kind of cool coming back and seeing the changes, which is far more noticeable for me since I'm not seeing them as often). It really makes me appreciate the time I spend with them.

I also went through old photos as I love to do when I'm home and stumbled across one of my first puppy, Katy! I'm not sure what's going on here, but I'll end on that.

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