May 23, 2016

Hawksbill Crag / Whitaker's Point + More of Lost Valley Wilderness Cave

I love busy weekends - I feel so fulfilled when I make myself go adventure instead of having those lazy, relaxing weekends (though they're certainly needed on occasion). This weekend was no exception. I'll cheat and include Thursday night, though, where we enjoyed free snacks at Cave Night (every Thursday) at Open Door Cigars (they also have Movie Nights & Poker Nights). The owners' dogs cuddled right up with me in the comfy leather armchairs and we caught part of Men In Black as well as He Never Died, which I'd never heard of and was so weird.

Some other things we did this weekend: ate pho, twice. Actually, three times because of leftovers and a fourth time today for lunch at work. We had plans to make a nice meal together but my boyfriend wasn't feeling too hot this weekend, unfortunately - so we ate out a couple of other times, too (which was kind of exciting for me because I love restaurants & can never get him to join in that many times in one weekend). We enjoyed a couple of hikes: I couldn't stand not sharing Lost Valley with him before he goes to Kansas City for the summer, even though I just went a couple of weekends ago, and after that we finally got around to hiking Hawksbill Crag / Whitaker's Point for the first time since moving to Fayetteville three years ago. Both were a little crowded because of the beautiful weather but were still enjoyable. The fresh air, bone broth, and a little eucalyptus lotion + stopain made his tension headache more bearable. At least enough to make it through some of Block St. Party, which is how we finished off our Sunday!




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