May 31, 2016

Happy Anniversary to my Parents!

Happy Anniversary! My mom and step-dad have now been together for 19 years - next time's the big one! I know they've been challenged while facing a great number of difficulties within our family over the last several years (namely health issues and my siblings, I'm great ;) ), but they haven't thrown in the towel yet and I'd say they've got many more years to go!

They married shortly before my sixth birthday, and with a couple of hours of supervised visitation once a month (when it happened) with my biological father, for all intents and purposes, Jim was/is my dad. And I am so lucky to have grown up with this jovial man in my own father's place! They've shown me what love really means and what kind of love everyone deserves to have. They taught me to settle for nothing less than comfortable and silly.

I still remember this day (and the honeymoon following when my grandmother babysat my cousin and I and we locked ourselves in my closet overnight). I remember my mom being annoyed with her friend that loaned my dress - and then dressing her own daughter in an even fancier dress than the flower girl. I remember my music teacher singing and their wedding song, "Here Comes the Sun" playing. Besides, only a crafty mom like mine can throw a wedding under $500 - but maybe it didn't hurt that the year was 1997. Most importantly, it's made me dread every church wedding I've attended; nothing is more beautiful and lovely than celebrating your ceremony right within Mother Nature.

I was lucky enough to have some of the most important years in my childhood occurring simultaneously with that newlywed phase. There is no purer love. Aside from that, they were two really, really good people who had been previously married to not-so-good people and they so deserved one another.

I miss our family camping trips and chanting: "Looooord, I'm gonna climb that mountain!" :)

I love them. Happy Anniversary!

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